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17.07.2012 02:23:07

Nach Redaktionsschluss eingegangen – weitere Infos im Printmedium/News after going to press:

Glasveredlerpreis 2014, Einsendeschuss 6.9.2014, siehe

Auguste-Papendieck-Preis 2014 Die Fotoaufnahmen mit den genannten Unterlagen müssen bis Freitag, 12. September 2014, im Focke-Museum, Schwachhauser Heerstr. 240, D 28213 Bremen, eingegangen sein. Der Auguste-Papendieck-Preis der Sparkasse Bremen wird jetzt für das Jahr 2014 öffentlich ausgeschrieben. Um den Preis können sich Kunsthandwerker aus unterschiedlichen Sparten bewerben, wie zum Beispiel Silberschmiede, Möbeltischler, Keramiker und Buchbinder. Ausgeschlossen sind jedoch die Disziplinen der bildenden Künste wie Bildhauerei und Malerei. Der Preisträger wird in einem erweiterten Verfahren ermittelt, bei dem der Jurierung der eingereichten Objekte eine Vorauswahl anhand von Objektfotos vorausgeht.  Zur Bestätigung des Termins informieren Sie sich ab September auf unserer Website Dort können Sie auch die Zusammensetzung der Jury einsehen. Die Preisverleihung verbunden mit der Ausstellungseröffnung findet im April 2015, im Focke-Museum statt.

27th International Summer Art Academy Bild-Werk Frauenau. Glass art in all variations: hot and cold, blown and engraved, cut and painted . Once again the Bild-Werk International Summer Academy launches a new season. Based on glass the school offers a fully interdisciplinary range of courses including painting, ceramics, and sculpture, all led by internationally known practicing artists, all experts in their field and experienced teachers. Whether you would like to develop your skills as a glass blower, lampworker, glass engraver, or glass painter, whether you like to work with glass in the kilns, at the lathe or with a glass cutter you will find stimulating intense glass courses here in Frauenau. You will also find a gathering of glass enthusiasts, teachers and participants, from all parts of the globe, from America and Canada, from Czech Republic and Estonia, from England and France, and many others, – a truly international atmosphere where glass it at the heart of the creativity found here. This intensity around glass is found in the surroundings starting with the acclaimed Frauenau Glass Museum ( and the many glass factories and glass artists close by. In addition this year the Coburg European Glass Prize will be a great attraction for glass enthusiasts. The starting point for the experience at Bild-Werk Frauenau is to come with an open mind, leaving all preconceptions behind. Improvisation, craft skills and art are key words here. As is learning by doing, where the connection between the hand the head and the heart comes into play. As our founder Erwin Eisch is keen to say: “I am aiming at the living and for that glass is wonderful. It has so many facets. It is brittle and soft, coloured and opaque; it goes through fire for us and can be harder than metal. For the glass blower it is breath, and for the painter it is poetry.” He also says that “Heaven starts on Earth” and we hope that you will come to share that with us.

2.6. – 12.9.2014, Prime Time features artworks that span almost 50 years by six Bay Area artists. Approximately eighty pieces include painting, photography, collage and sculpture, represent the scope of their enduring careers in the arts. This field study gives us the opportunity to consider the artists’ dedication and creativity that each has brought to their art practice, contributing to our regional cultural landscape. Artists include: Bella Feldman, Edith Hillinger, Harry Cohen, Marge Rector, Marvin Lipofsky, and Mary Mountcastle Eubank. The exhibition was curated by Patricia Watts, consulting curator for the Marin Community Foundation. Reception: Wed June 18, 2014, 4:30 – 6:30, Marin Community Foundation, 5 Hamilton Landing, Suite 200
Novato, CA  94949, Mon – Fri 9 am – 5 pm.

6.6. – 13.9.2014. synthesis 2: fusing & kilnformingopens FirstFriday June 6, 2014 during WarmWeatherWalk5:30-8:30, celebrating the studio glass movement’s re-discovery of the ancient techniques of glass fusing and kilnforming. Using this newly popular technique, glass is altered, fused, shaped, or textured by the heat of a kiln, then often shaped in molds or slumped into forms. This uniquely colorful show, which owes much of its thematic content to abstract expressionism, includes both free standing sculptures and wall pieces by 12 individual artists and one collaborative married couple. They are: Jackie Braitman, Dorothy Hafner, Karl Harron, Patti & Dave Hegland, Bronwen Heilman, Steve Immerman, Steve Klein, Kari Minnick, Catharine Newell, Alyssa Oxley, Doug Randall, Amanda Simmons and Steven Tippin. This show marks the debut of Braitman, the Heglands, Oxley, Simmons and Tippin at the gallery. The show continues in the gallery through September 13. Morgan | contemporary glass gallery features sculpture, distinctive jewelry and small objects created by local, national and international glass artists. Hours are Tuesday through Friday, 11 am to 5 pm and Saturday, 12 to 5 pm, or by appointment. For more information call 412-441-5200 or visit our website